What is So Special About IOS 15 Update

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June 22, 2021

What is So Special About IOS 15 Update?

Apple announced details of iOS 15 at its latest developer conference. The update should be available for download in autumn 2021. But let us see what is so Special with iOS 15 update?

What is So Special About IOS 15 Update?

The new iOS 15 operating system promises iPhone users numerous changes, innovations, and improvements. The release of the operating system should come in the fall, announced by Apple CEO Tim Cook. There he first presented iOS 15 and the planned changes. An up-to-date overview.

iOS 15 release: When is iOS 15 coming?

iOS 15 is the successor to iOS 14. The exact day on which iOS 15 will be available for download is unclear. At WWDC21, it was announced iOS 15 release would appear in autumn 2021. So Apple is sticking to its rhythm of the past few years. So far, the new operating systems have always appeared in September or October.

As soon as there is the official information on iOS 15 from Apple, the Handelsblatt will report here.

iOS 15 announced – which innovations should come?

At the start of the WWDC 2021 developer conference, Apple gave a foretaste of the new iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 operating systems on Monday evening. Both versions are compatible with all devices on which iOS 14 is available. It also includes the iPhone 6S.

FaceTime with 3D audio, portrait mode, and SharePlay

· In the future, 3D audio will make it possible to hear the voices during a FaceTime call from the respective direction from which the person is speaking3D should make voices appear more spatial and natural. In addition, new microphone modes separate what is spoken from background noise – at the same time, users can soften their background.

· With SharePlay, Apple also allows you to listen to songs together via Apple Music during a FaceTime call, to share the screen, and thus to watch films, videos or apps together. SharePlay should run on iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV. On the other hand, the FaceTime app should go beyond Apple devices in the future and be available for users of Android and Windows devices.

New user settings

· Messages should be individually filterable under iOS 15. Users can create a focus on which apps are allowed to send them notifications – for example, during working hours. Unique home screen pages can be made, which should be less distracting to users by hiding other apps.

Revised notification overview

· With the help of Apple’s on-device intelligence, messages are to be prioritized. Accordingly, users see time-sensitive messages at the top, while more irrelevant messages are displayed more appropriately. Urgent messages are delivered immediately.

Text in pictures is recognized

· In the future, it should be possible under iOS 15 to recognize text in a photo. The camera app should recognize text at a specific moment, which in turn can be copied and used – for example, passwords for the WLAN login can be photographed and then used in text form.  In addition, users will find text and handwriting in photos using a new search function.

New Apple cards

· Apple wants to improve its map app as Google Maps dominates the market here. The group announced a significantly improved and more detailed representation of city districts, quarters, and buildings. Navigating with the iPhone or CarPlay is to be simplified in the future with the help of new street details such as turning lanes or bicycle lanes. Both stops should be easier to find in local public transport. Users can set up these as reminders or notifications, for example, when they are sitting on the bus and want to receive the signal from their smartphone to get off the bus.

New data protection functions

· Sometimes, the email data protection should be revised and improved. For example, the aim is to prevent the sender from finding out whether an email has been opened – or which IP address is hidden behind the user.

How do I install iOS 15 on iPhone after it’s released?

Customers can quickly initiate the download and subsequent installation of iOS 15 on the iPhone itself after the release. Update notification can find the corresponding point under the tabs Settings – General – Software update. As soon as the item software update is selected, the iPhone searches for a new software version and displays iOS 15 as the new operating system.

Suppose the Automatic Updates option is activated on the iPhone. In that case, the smartphone loads the update in the background and notifies the user of the upcoming installation of the new operating system after the download.

Which iPhones will get iOS 15?

All iPhones that currently run iOS 14 will receive the update to iOS 15.  If you want to use iOS 15 after its release, you do not necessarily need the latest and most expensive iPhone. The update is offered to users up to the iPhone 6s from 2015, which currently costs around 120 euros.

That means that users of the iPhone, which is now six years old, will also have the most up-to-date software and do not necessarily have to buy a new Apple smartphone. iPhones more aged than the iPhone 6s are no longer supported. You either have to upgrade your hardware or buy a more recent model. 

When was the release of iOS 14?

Apple officially released the first iOS 14 version on September 16, 2020. In addition to iOS 14 for the iPhone, Apple also released iPad 14 for the iPad, watchOS 7 for the Apple Watch, and tvOS 14 for the Apple TV.

Apple officially presented the update to iOS 14 at the WWDC20 developer conference. However, the tech company had not given an exact release date for the latest iOS version – similar to iOS 15 at WWDC 2021.

In the past, Apple always released iOS updates in the fall between the launch and sales of the new iPhones. According to reports, the release of the iOS 14 update in 2020 was expected earlier than in previous years. Apple published its support page for the new iOS version early on.

The iPhone group also presented new products at the  Apple event on September 15, 2020, on which the latest software version was running. These new products in the Apple cosmos include the  Apple Watch SE, the  Apple Watch Series 6, the iPad 8, and the iPad Air 4.

IOS 15 will run on these iPhones



iPhone model  year
iPhone 6s 2015
iPhone 6s Plus 2015
iPhone SE (1st generation) 2016
iPhone 7 2016
iPhone 7 Plus 2016
iPhone 8 2017
iPhone 8 Plus 2017
iPhone X 2017
iPhone XR 2018
iPhone XS 2018
iPhone XS Max 2018
iPhone 11 2019
iPhone 11 Pro 2019
iPhone 11 Pro Max 2019
iPhone SE (2nd generation) 2020
iPhone 12 Mini 2020
iPhone 12 2020
iPhone 12 Pro 2020
iPhone 12 Pro Max 2020

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